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Paver Sealing Orlando - F&A Pressure Washing

Paver Sealing

Protect and enhance the beauty of your outdoor living spaces, driveways and pool patios. Our full range of paver sealing services will keep your investment looking like new and protected for years to come!

Paver Sealer Stripping in Central Florida

Paver Stripping

Don’t settle for anything except a beautifully maintained hardscape. Many untrained contractors and DIY’ers get in over their heads when sealing pavers, and if you are left with a mess give us a call and we will bring your pavers back to life! 

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Exterior Cleaning

A clean home exterior is an essential part of living a healthy life. We know that keeping your roof or gutters clean may not be a crucial part of a healthy life, but it makes a difference. We offer a full spectrum of exterior cleaning services to keep your home looking its best. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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Commercial Services

A clean business outside is a definite sign of a clean and well run business inside. Our white glove exterior cleaning services will keep your business looking its best and customers happy. We pride ourselves on getting in and getting out without disrupting your normal business operations. 

There's No Easier Way To Get Paver Sealing Than Our Simple 3 Step Process


Try us RISK-FREE today. We don't leave until you are happy with the result!

We Provide The Highest Quality Paver Sealing, Paver Stripping & Soft-Washing services
In Central Florida!

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Restore and Protect YOUR Pavers Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, that all depends on the area you want sealed. However, as a principle, in Florida’s tropical climate, all consummate professionals will be using a water based sealer for your project. The type of sealer used is based on your desires. More gloss, less gloss, matte finish, these are all factors that contribute to the selection of a sealer for your project. Our team of professionals has experience working with the full range of water based sealing products and can help you find the product that best fits your needs. 

YES! We use ASTM approved silica sand the fill the joints after we thoroughly clean the surface and joints of your pavers. Our process removes all contaminants, old sand, weeds and anything else from your paver joints before replacing it with our commercial grade silica sand. We use the coarse silica sand to ensure that the sealer can seep down into the paver joints and provide maximum stability. 

We recommend a regular cleaning schedule to extend the protective benefits of our sealers, and in many cases find our paver sealing projects last 2-3 years before needed additional coats applied. 

Our sealing process will generally allow for light foot traffic in a few hours. Vehicle traffic we recommend at least 72 hours and to drive SLOWLY and without sharp turns when returning your cars to their normal positions. Sharp turns or driving on the pavers when they are too hot can leave tire stains and leave debris embedded. Furniture can generally be returned in 24 hours. 

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